Pie and Cake have become one.

Seasonal flavors Crafted with Love & a lot of butter.


A Simple Twist of Cake


A PieCake is a cupcake sized treat that starts with a layer of flaky all butter pie crust filled with seasonal pie fillings, then baked with a layer of cake on top and finished with just the right amount of glaze.

“Wee buns” as my great aunt from Ireland used to call them, is where I got the inspiration for PieCakes. She would fill cupcake tins with frozen puff pastry then fill them with cherry jam, white cake, maraschino cherry glaze, topped with a half of a maraschino cherry. As a professional baker I wanted to put my own twist on this childhood treat by making it with a flaky, butter pie crust and filling it with seasonal handmade fillings. The flavors change almost weekly depending on what fruits are in season and we even try to pick directly from the farms when we can.



(818) 661-0200






5205 SE Foster Rd
at Carts on Foster
Portland, OR 97206



Wed-Sat 12:00 pm - 8:00pm


The Baker

I started out at a young age on a state of the art easy bake oven. Since then my passion for food and baking has continued to grow, so it’s no surprise that it’s always been my dream to have a little bakery of my own, When I moved to Portland, Oregon I fell in love with the food cart scene; so much creativity happening in these little restaurants on wheels. Thus, I decided it was time to live my dream and build a bakery food cart, so I too could bring my creativity to fruition. Now, as of June 2018, I have PieCake. My own place to share my creative desserts with Portland!

First day of buisness!

First day of buisness!

We are located in the Carts on Foster pod on the corner of SE 52nd and Foster Rd.

5205 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97206